Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wolfgang Bloch at Hespe Gallery, April 3 - May 12

Hespe Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Wolfgang Bloch. This will be Bloch's first solo exhibition at Hespe Gallery since joining us in 2011. A reception for the artist will be held on Thursday, April 5th, 2012 from 5:30 to 7:30. The exhibition will continue until April 12, 2012.

Working with found objects and mixed media, Wolfgang Bloch creates abstract seascapes in a subdued palette that capture the beauty and essence of the ocean along with its surrounding environment. To create these compositions, Bloch uses two fields of color separated by an endless horizon line where a thin area of vivid white suggests a wave breaking in the distance. Though he reduces his imagery down to the essential, these sparing portrayals are imbued with extraordinary atmosphere. The artist’s use of found objects is symbolic of the connection he feels to nature, and also encourages an environmental awareness in the viewer. Through his artistic process, Bloch transforms found objects from mere scraps to objects of beauty.