Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting excited for our September show! a #mashup up with artists Kevin Moore, Brett Amory, Kim Frohsin, David Choong Lee, John Wentz and Adam Forfang.

nouninformal noun: mashup
  1. a mixture or fusion of disparate elements.
  2. Slang. a creative combination or mixing of content from different sources:
MASHUP is a unique collaboration between six Bay Area painters, Kevin Moore, Brett Amory, Kim Frohsin, David Choong Lee, John Wentz, and Adam Forfang.
The idea is for the six artists to meet once a month, for 6 months, at different locations around the Bay Area, chronicling the local landscape and weather as it shifts from Winter into Summer.
The group makes a single, large plein air painting consisting of six different individual sections, at each location. Each painter brings a 30" x 40" canvas to the site, and paints a section of the overall scene in their own unique style. The paintings are done strictly from life, they are raw, immediate, and honest.
Each location has its own "director". This means the selected artist for a particular month would have the general composition loosely worked out for everyone prior to the session. Upon arrival, the group sets up, and paints the scene in one session, start to finish. The end result is a 60" x 120" composite image of the scene, with all six canvases creating a tapestry of different styles and approaches that coalesce into a single unified whole.
The following month, everyone meets again at a different location, chosen by the new "director". Every composite painting has a different composition, subject and mood depending on the weather and the artist that "directs" the scene for the day. Its an investigation in time, space, and teamwork, every painting is a new adventure.

Composite Painting #2 (February) Directed by Adam Forfang, 60x120" (6 panels, each 30x40"), all oil on canvas